Let this be the year you become a best selling author and boost your income, impact and influence 

with best selling/award winning author Michelle Murray.

Formulate your distinctive story and write a formidable book in this live author coaching and training program.  

Maybe you are:

o Unsure of how to get started

o Doubting you have enough time to commit

o Uncertain of your ability to write an entire book

o Not convinced anyone would want to read your book

o Asking yourself "Who am I to write a book?"

KMP Entertainment's Author Academy, directed by Michelle Murray, will get your started on your journey to being a best selling author. 

You will be provided with a step by step process, tools, accountability and coaching so that you can write a book you are proud of, share it with the world, and become a best selling author.

I’ve been right where you are now.

When I started writing my first book, I doubted my ideas, expertise, and story. Self-doubt stalled my success.

But even though I was afraid of failure (and success), I wrote it anyway. And then I wrote another book. And another.

Along the way, my income doubled and doubled again.

I’ve now written or ghostwritten 25 books and traveled all over the world delivering keynotes and trainings—and have influenced thousands through my writing, speaking and teaching.

And I’m convinced that’s all because I was brave enough to sit down, write, and publish my first book. My life would be completely different if I hadn’t said “yes” to that book and stepped into my purpose.

Are you brave enough to step into your purpose?

If the answer is "yes," then this live coaching and training program will help you!

Drawing on my work with hundreds of authors and aspiring authors, I developed a step-by-step system to help uncover your unique story, organize your ideas, and write a powerful book  that you’re proud to share with the world.

With my systematically designed modules, you’ll walk through targeted trainings with me and other experts, as well as activities to put you on the road to having a best selling book. Plus, you’ll get access to a community of driven authors.

I’ll guide you through each step of writing your book, from idea to finished manuscript, and teach you a clear process to take the guesswork out of writing and unleash your creative genius—even if you don’t think you’re a writer!

Think of me as your expert guide, your biggest supporter, and a mentor who cares deeply about helping you finally write a book that will catapult you toward your purpose.

Plus, you’ll be journeying alongside a world-changing cohort of motivated authors. Powerful.

The system includes:

o A connected author community

o Weekly live trainings

o Direct access to my team of experts o Signature writing system

o Time saving templates

o A proven action plan 



I’ll demystify the book-writing process with this overview training covering idea to publication, including the why behind a book (so important!). You’ll learn the difference between the creation and production processes, and we’ll dive deeply into creation: idea, outline, write, and revise.

By the end of this training, you’ll have a clear, high-level view of the entire process of writing and publishing, plus have a comprehensive overview of our next weeks together.



In this training, you’ll engage in my proven book-ideation process. Using sticky notes, markers, and your most creative brain, I’ll guide you through a hands-on ideation activity to help you uncover your great idea. You’ll also receive exercises to further clarify your book idea to prepare for writing.

This training is a lot of fun and will push you to develop a solid book idea that connects to your big vision. Come ready to think, create, and refine!



This training builds on the book-ideation process. You’ll expand on the idea you developed by writing a book concept—a one-page section of your book outline that describes your book idea, core takeaways, audience, and other important elements of your book.

I also provide a book outline template and reader persona worksheet to help you clarify your audience.

Getting specific about your reader will also help you define your author niche. By the end of this training, you’ll have the tools you need to complete the most important page of your outline.



This training details the core structure of books, and why storytelling is critical to the success of your book. You’ll learn my number-one rule of structure and flow, along with the four S’s of structure and how narrative arc applies to your story.

After the training, you’ll revisit your book concept to ensure your book has a solid throughline—a guiding idea, story, or message that connects from the first to last chapters. 



In this training, I teach you how to plan your book like a pro. The goal: create an outline that is so well-organized that your writing time is efficient, effective, and—gasp!—enjoyable.

You’ll learn how to utilize your book concept and chapter descriptions to build out the rest of your outline. I also cover other structural elements to consider, like front and back matter.

You’ll leave this training with the knowledge and confidence to finalize your outline so you can start writing your book.



This training details expert strategies to help you achieve your goal of writing a book. I’ll walk you through how to create and stick to a writing routine, get into the flow faster, and accomplish quality writing in less time.

I’ll also show you how to calendar out your writing using a template in Asana, a project management software program I love. I’ve refined this template over several years and multiple books, and it will serve as an invaluable resource for your entire book-writing journey.

After this training, you will calendar out your book—and continue toward your goal of finishing the first draft!



This training provides industry secrets for writing a great book. You’ll learn five elements to a great chapter—structure, storytelling, voice, clarity, and detail—along with expert tips to level up your writing. I also detail how to overcome writing roadblocks (self-editing while you write, anyone?).

Finally, this training provides support, encouragement, and accountability—which are crucial at this stage of the writing journey, because this is where many authors abandon their drafts. This module is designed to be informative and keep you accountable and on track as you write your book.

By the end of this training, you’ll improve your writing skills and know how to overcome writing challenges like a pro.



The book-editing process is widely misunderstood, and this training helps debunk common misconceptions. Along with keeping you encouraged and motivated to write your book, we’ll cover the power of the editing process, the four stages of book editing, and how to utilize self- and professional editing to transform your book from good to great.

You’ll also learn how to hire and work with an editor and get advice on how to ensure your editor knows her or his stuff.

As a former book editor, I love talking about editing! You’ll learn my book-revision process and receive a book-editing checklist and beta reader form.



Self-publishing, hybrid publishing, traditional publishing—oh, my! The world of publishing can feel like learning a new language, and this training is here to help.

In this training, I’ll walk you through the three main types of publishing and share a set of questions to help you determine the right path for you. You’ll also receive my What Will My Book Cost? guide to help you understand the costs involved in self-publishing a best-seller-quality book.

At the end of this training, you’ll have clear instruction and direction to explore which publishing option is for you—and take the next step to share your book with the world!  

If we deem your book is a good fit for publishing with KMP Entertainment's publishing division, we will discuss available options during this phase of instruction.  



This live workshop is part training, part workshop, and part author reading. We’ll recap core learnings to guide your author journey, and you’ll have an opportunity to share how you’ve learned and grown during the program.

You’ll also have a chance to read part of your work in progress—your first author reading—and state one personal commitment to finish your book.

I love this workshop because we get to connect, reflect, and continue to grow together, and I get to hear about your journey throughout the program. You’ll leave with the tools and motivation to finish your book!  And then...

You'll have 16 additional weeks of strategic mentorship to set you up for success in launching a best selling book.


(a $25,160 value!)

Payment options available

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10 weeks of LIVE workshops and recorded world-class trainings ($8,895 value)

question answer icon

Weekly coaching sessions ($5,995 value)

expert training icon

10 expert trainings that go beyond the program: publishing, branding, public speaking, and more! ($3,995 value)

Direct access to my team of experts for questions and support during the program $2,995

Direct access to my team of experts for questions and support during the program! ($1,995 value)

process icon

Lifetime access to my signature Book-Writing Framework ($1,495 value)

checklist icon

Detailed book-writing worksheets and templates ($995 value )

community icon

Access to a curated Facebook community of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, including me! ($995 value)

email icon

Weekly email mini-lessons to keep you engaged, encouraged, and accountable ($795 value)

You get $25,160 worth of value for 10 weeks of world-class education with me for just $1995

Plus, you get access to the trainings and resources for life—to use on your next book!


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2023 enrollment is open.
Seats are limited and fill quickly.  Enrollment is only open once per year.



What are you looking for in students? Am I a good fit for the program?

KMP Entertainment's Author Academy is made up of a community of vibrant, driven, forward-moving people who are out to make a difference in this world.

If you are an individual who is driven to share an idea or story with the world, and want to grow your influence, impact, and wealth, you are probably a great fit for the program. Many of our students are professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, or bighearted individuals who see a book as a catalyst toward their bigger purpose. Some want to write a book because it’s been a lifelong goal or they have a compelling story to share.

You don’t need to be an established writer or have a fully fleshed-out book idea—heck, you don’t even have to know what you want to write about! The program will help you with that.

And if you’re dealing with self-doubt about whether you’re “successful enough” to enroll, kick that negative self-talk to the curb! You don’t have to be superhuman or uber successful to write a book. You just need to show up and do the work.

When does the next cohort begin?

The next cohort starts Saturday, February 11th, 2023.  8 AM PST/9 AM MST/ 10 AM CST/ 11 AM EST.  Each class is approximately 2 hours long.

(Yes, a Saturday! What better way to kick off your weekend than pursuing a goal?) 

How much time do I need to commit each week to be successful?

Every book project is unique, but one thing is certain:  If you don't commit to your own goals, they'll never be accomplished.  You have to love yourself enough to discipline yourself and do the work.

If you want to finish your first draft—or at least get close—within the 10 weeks, I suggest setting aside 10 or more hours per week.

What is the schedule of classes?

Live workshops and group coaching sessions will take place on Saturdays at 8 AM PST/9 AM MST/ 10 AM CST/ 11 AM EST.  After each session, new education will be available within the course platform. You’ll have a full list of dates within the program platform once your enrollment is complete.

Can’t attend a live session because you’re traveling or in a meeting? Don’t worry—you’ll have lifetime access to the trainings and other resources (to use for your next book!).

How do you deliver the live trainings and QAs?

We’ll meet by Zoom for the live workshops and deep-dive coaching sessions.

What do students say is the biggest benefit of the program?

Students are largely surprised and delighted by how transformative the book-writing process is for them. For many authors and aspiring authors, “writing a book” is this big, complex thing—but in KMP Entertainment's Author Academy, it’s broken down into a clear, step-by-step system to encourage deep introspection that leads to clarity of purpose and vision.

Two other big benefits students report: transformed schedules and community. I teach a time-blocking process to create time to write, which many students utilize well after the program ends—it becomes a lifestyle!

Our alumni have also become good friends, cheering each other on as they launch books and step into their purpose. The KMP Entertainment Author Academy community is welcoming and inspiring!

What is your methodology behind this accelerated author program?

I built KMP Entertainment's Author Academy on a simple premise: structure begets creativity. My signature system has been honed for more than a decade, both in writing my own books and guiding students to write theirs, and I’ve seen the power of a clear, step-by-step framework to enable authors and aspiring authors to write great books they’re proud to share with the world.

Importantly, KMP Entertainment's Author Academy is not built to help you write a book lightning fast. I don’t believe books should be written in a weekend or without close attention to quality. Your ideas and stories deserve more of your energy and time to write a great book, not just a done book. Every step of my process is designed to help you dig deep, be highly productive, and write the book you’ve dreamed of.

How is this different from every other “write your book” course out there?

Nowhere on this site will you find the phrases “Write your book in a weekend!” or “Write a book in just 30 days!” Writing a book is more than a box to be checked off as quickly as possible.

Books should be more than just a calling card for your business, and great books aren’t generally written in days. My perspective is that you should write the best book you possibly can, one that will have a profound impact on readers and your brand.

This program will teach you how to write a great book—one that can stand the test of time, one that you’re proud to share with the world. While I’ll likely save you years of time writing your book, it still takes months, not days, to finish your draft. You can do it! I will give you the guidance to get there.

I’m on the fence. Why should I enroll?

Because you have a book inside you! You have ideas that need to be shared and a story that can change lives!

I deeply believe in your potential to impact thousands with your thought leadership and your storytelling.

For many of my students and clients, investing in themselves pays off for years—and completely transforms their careers and lives. As one student put it, “This program has the highest ROI of anything I’ve invested in in the last five years.” I’ll help you uncover the book that is waiting to be written and will absolutely change your life.

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