The Murray Microschool For Arts: helping Creatives make their dreams come true

The Murray Microschool For Arts, brought to you by KMP Entertainment, has a desire to give students the finest classical education possible and then provides access to opportunities for our graduates.  We believe this should not be cost prohibitive for those with a passion for the arts.  We have successfully done this since 2010 because of our relationship with entities such as The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Warner Brothers, CBS and many more!  Our graduates have worked on film and tv projects such as The Harder They Fall, Bright, The Goldbergs, Parenthood, Sam & Cat, Ricky, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn, NCIS LA, The Cleaning Lady and others.  Conservatory programs are one year in length, unless otherwise specified.  Acting, for example, provides both a one year and a two year program.  All of our instructors are working industry professionals, who will bring you the latest standards of our industry. 

We offer virtual and in person full day, partial day, and evening courses for adults.  For teens, we also offer virtual and in person homeschool compatible program, or an after school schedule for those in traditional high schools.  Please note that in person training is only available in the El Paso, Texas and Los Angeles, California areas.  Additionally, we offer summer programs for youth through grade 8.  

It's not easy, though.  If you want to be competitive, it's a process that takes discipline and a willingness to sacrifice some of your time to complete a rigorous course of instruction, in exchange for the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in this multi-billion dollar industry.  If you think you have what it takes to create on a professional level, click the button below to hear student testimonies, and then go to our SHOP NOW section to download your application, or click the APPLICATION button below.

As part of an extended Black Friday special, all ONE YEAR programs are drastically reduced to $1,200, or $105 per month for those who need to make payments.  TWO YEAR programs are drastically reduced during this period to $200, or $88 per month for those who need to make payments.  This special pricing ends 1 January 2024.  Send an email to if you would like a one-on-one virtual meeting with staff so that you may ask additional questions.  In person information sessions will be happening soon in El Paso, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Los Angeles, California.  Check here after December 5th for virtual briefing dates.  You may also email us to inquire about scholarship opportunities through our Entertainment Business Council.  

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